"Life is too short to worry about getting it wrong!"

Hi friends!! I would like to officially introduce myself 👋 I am Madeline, the girl behind @made.with.madeline. After a couple of years of thinking about this I decided to go for it! I love sharing my favorite things including home decor, fashion, recipes and DIYs. Thanks for being here and following along ✨ I’ll leave you with 5 facts about me:

1. I grew up in the PNW but now live in the Midwest 🌲🌽
2. I am newly married to the love of my life ♥️ 08/07/2020 - he is also the one who really encouraged me to start sharing and stop waiting
3. I am an accountant by day 💻📊
4. I love pajama sets and I probably have too many (thanks 2020 for making pjs an acceptable outfit lol)
5. My go to coffee order is an americano with 3 pumps white mocha and a splash of cream ☕️