February 7, 2022

Hello world

HELLO 👋 with a few new faces around here I thought I would reintroduce myself! 🥰 I’m Madeline and this is a picture of me in my natural habitat – comfy clothes and coffee in hand. I am passionate about home decor and love creating inviting spaces on a budget. I am always dreaming up new home projects and some how talking my husband into letting me try them. I am a newbie DIYer and with the help from my brother, who is a master woodworker, I have learned to build a few things 🛠 I have a lot of fun with this account and enjoy sharing some of my world with you. I hope to encourage and inspire you that you can make any house a home with a little bit of hard work and lots of love! ♥️ thanks for hanging out – I’d love to know about you too! Drop a comment below to say hi! ☺️