March 2, 2022

Refinishing our Deck

Deck progress!! 🏡 the stain is done!! We ended up using a solid stain because the wood on our deck is a little older. I am impressed with both the color and coverage. Now it’s time to shop for outdoor furniture!!

I severely underestimated the time it would take to sand our deck 😅
But something I really enjoyed doing was picking out a stain. I was a little uncertain with what color to pick, but I totally love the dark stain we choose. The stain we choose is closer to a paint then an oil stain but after a lot of research we chose this paint stain from home depot as it was the best choice for durability and UV resistance so it wouldn’t fade and we wouldn’t have to do to much maintenance on it.

Here are some of the tools we had to use to sand and strip off the old finish. This could totally be done all by hand, but my brother had a lot of tools I could borrow and use!

Tools we used:
impact driver (to remove some hardware)
multi-tool with sanding attachment
belt sander
oscillating orbit sander
different grit sand paper pads ranging from 80-120 grit

Can’t wait to see our outdoor space come together!! 👏☀️